End-to-End Energy Storage Management

Greensmith Energy designs and deploys the world’s most advanced energy storage systems. From grid-scale to behind-the-meter and microgrid solutions, the Greensmith GEMS software platform enables effective and efficient delivery of stable power with unsurpassed performance and profitability.

The traditional approach for managing storage assets is to deploy a plant controller that interacts with the batteries and a power control system (PCS) layered on top of the battery management system (BMS). Greensmith utilizes a software-based plant controller (GEMS) that interacts directly with the battery, the PCS, and the BMS. Benefits include:

  • Battery Optimization
    GEMS is tightly integrated with the BMS to leverage Greensmith’s battery optimization algorithms-extending the life of the system
  • Revenue-Stacking
    Generate multiple revenue streams by stacking applications, dynamically adjust based on market conditions and adapt to regulatory changes
  • Future-Proofing
    Leveraging software-based intelligence, enabling modifications as applications and conditions evolve
  • Fleet Management
    Integrate multiple battery assets into a consolidated management tool. With seamless integration into Distribution Management Systems—battery storage becomes another distribution asset, in addition to renewables

The GEMS software platform, now in its fifth generation, follows the highest performance and safety standards. As a result, deployed systems have achieved 99.9 percent uptime. With storage available on demand, you maximize the system’s lifetime return on investment. Our systems have also recorded a flawless safety record, thanks to a rigorous, two-step testing procedure that begins at our Herndon, Virginia, facility and ends in the field. Greensmith provides full lifecycle support from design and integration to deployment and management so all systems achieve optimal results.

Backed by world-class technical expertise and software innovation, Greensmith has demonstrated solutions for some of the most critical challenges facing utilities: easing demands on aging infrastructure, adapting to a higher penetration of renewables, and improving grid reliability. With the industry’s most tested and proven systems, Greensmith strengthens all links in the energy storage value chain.