Engineered for Grid-Scale

Greensmith established roots in grid-scale energy storage. the most challenging market segment. in 2011. We developed a flexible yet robust software platform. the Greensmith Energy Management System (GEMS), to address the industry’s greatest obstacles. Backed by GEMS. now the most widely deployed energy storage management software. our expertise and technology set the standard for quality. reliability. and innovation.

Holistic Technology Platform

Designing. integrating, and deploying grid-scale storage requires deep industry knowledge, as energy storage is a system of systems with great potential for failure if any one piece is out of sync Greensmith has over 100 collective years of expertise in battery and power control systems (PCS). container designs and strategies, and system design and safety. Our solution is built to manage the toughest challenges on the grid.

GEMS: Utility-Ready

The GEMS platform is powering over one-third of all the energy storage capacity in the U.S.. including the most advanced installations.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless utility back-office system integration (including SCADA, DMS, DERMS)
  • Asset management & optimization to monitor storage assets and extend battery life
  • Flexible fleet management
  • Balance of plant integration with HVAC, fire safety, and security components
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Secure access to the GEMS portal with role-based authentication
  • Streamlined operations & maintenance with integrated notification and reporting

Advanced, Proven, Reliable

Greensmith is working with some of the largest and most progressive utilities and utility partners to deliver grid-scale solutions for stability. increased renewable penetration. and aging infrastructure. By doing so. we enable our customers to create new revenue streams and offer new services to their customers.