Pre-Engineered and Fully-Integrated

Whether our customers are generating a new revenue stream with or eliminating costly demand charges, the benefits of energy storage are well known. Greensmith is fundamentally changing the way our customers approach energy storage with a turn-key solution, Omni4, that accelerates deployment, reduces costs and risk associated with installing energy storage today.  

The Greensmith Omni4 solution is a distributed energy storage platform bundled with the industry’s most advanced software controls to optimize savings, aggregate distributed energy resources, fortify grid resiliency and reliability and integrate renewables.

Greensmith’s Omni4 simplifies procurement and implementation—whether it’s a behind-the-meter installation or microgrid—this versatile, fully-integrated solution is a plug-and-play product for utilities, developers and energy partners to fully realize the benefits of modular intelligent energy storage. Greensmith offers a flexible delivery model. We can site deliver the Omni4 completely pre-assembled and integrated to your EPC contractor, or can provide a full turn-key installation. The Greensmith Omni4 solution is pre-engineered to ensure seamless integration, simplifying installation and reducing time-to-deployment. Omni4 is delivered fully-integrated and tested with the following components:  

  • Battery modules and power conversion system (PCS)
  • HVAC, fire suppression and transformer
  • Greensmith software controls and optimization platform
  • Greensmith software remote monitoring and analytic reporting

Omni4 comes packaged with a NEMA 3R enclosure and is available in four configurable sizes—100kW, 250kW, 500kW and 1MW, providing maximum flexibility for system sizing.

Greensmith Omni4 Module