Beyond Demand Charge Reduction

A successful behind-the-meter energy storage system must be held to the same high standard as any other deployment on the transmission and distribution system. It should have a comprehensive library of control algorithms for demand charge reduction, PV integration, EV charge management, frequency regulation, microgrids, and many other applications. Greensmith’s industry-leading intelligent software delivers advanced command and control capabilities, whether capacity is 200 kW or 200 MW. Peaks in demand, no matter how brief, translate to increased costs—in addition to creating challenges for the grid operator.

Address Complex Demands

Distributed energy resources by themselves may introduce challenges to grid stability, especially where distribution feeder circuits have a high penetration of intermittent PV capacity. Responding quickly to changes in supply and demand to solve these challenges is an essential function of energy storage. Greensmith software supports a wide variety of battery and power electronics vendors to achieve optimal system performance with minimal impact to the grid.

Flexible and Intelligent

More than 30 major customers worldwide are now using GEMS software on both sides of the meter. When deployed behind-the- meter, key benefits include:

  • Demand charge management with optimal reduction of peak load
  • PV and EV integration for maximum energy self-consumption
  • Critical load support for buildings and grid-connected renewable microgrids
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities from demand response programs
  • Wholesale reserve capacity and ancillary service market participation via DER aggregation

Setting the Standard for Behind-the-Meter

Greensmith helped lead the U.S. energy storage market to record growth in 2015, especially behind the meter, where the segment grew fivefold compared to the year before. Regardless of size or location, we offer a robust solution to satisfy the requirements of our customers, regulators, and the grid.